Duette Blinds – Save Energy in Style

It is fascinating that the ideal blinds can go a long way in providing you climate control within the sanctity of your homes. Created after years of research, development and quality tests, Duette blinds are specifically designed to help you save energy and money with a perfect blend of style and functionality. Acting as a sound proofing layer, the unique structure of Duette blinds keeps 45% of the unwanted noise out, ensuring you peace and tranquility.

Many honeycomb type blinds are available in the market today, but none are comparable to Duette blinds when it comes to being capable of trapping air inside. It is essential to have a certain amount of control over your home’s environment to ensure a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere inside. Duette blinds are expertly capable in filtering light and insulating your home all year round, and made of only the best quality fabrics that make them sustainable for many years. By combining two contrasting fabrics, you can avail the benefits of the unique two-in-one setup that makes Duette blinds suitable for day and night. The blinds are also available with motorized options that make them convenient to use with an elegant wall switch or even without having to move an inch with a remote control. The Duette conservatory blinds are a perfect addition to your conservatory to transform it into a place you can enjoy using all year round. Preventing heat dissipation through the roofs during winters or expelling it during summers can be easily achieved with the
conservatory blinds roof blinds.

Keeping safety as a priority with unique smart cord and Literise systems, Duette blinds are designed to be child-safe. Duette offers a free consultation service to meet your style requirements with a wide range of color combinations and customizing options, and a thoroughly professional fitting with precise measurements and attention to detail.